Ohio Womens Conference Of AA

Overcome Your Addiction Problems With Our Professional Help And Care

What We Do

A recent study has shown that more and more women are in the claws of alcohol addiction and they are scared to talk about it. That is why we want to offer our professional help to overcome addiction problems.

We give you the best treatment

We strive to help our patients by giving them the best possible treatment to get them back on the track. Aside from medical treatment, we give our patients many other methods of treating like meditation, sports, and voluntary work.

We share experiences and help patients

Our professionalism allows us to share previous experiences with the new patients and point out the things they usually can’t be aware of. Former addicts attend our meetings and share their own experiences.

We offer open and closed meetings/discussions

We organize open and closed meetings. Open meetings are held by former alcoholics who share their experiences and recoveries while closed meetings feature new addicts who want to stay anonymous but start the treating process.

What is Alcoholic Anonymous

What is Alcoholic Anonymous

Alcoholic Anonymous represents a fellowship that fights alcohol addiction and its aftermath on the human health. Tradition suggests that all members should remain anonymous, at least in media, and help other alcoholics to stay sober and see sobriety as the right way of life. AA invented 12 steps that group follows to save an addict from further damage and problems. The influence of this mutual fellowship has become so strong that it led to starting many other groups for fighting various types of addictions.

What are AA Meetings Like?

These meetings can help you understand the problem of drinking or any other addiction – why people use drugs and what eventually saves them from the addiction. Many women reported that they understood the cause of their addiction after they attended few meetings.

The meetings will give you a much wider picture, whether you are an addict or not, about the whole addiction problem and how not to fall into the claws of the addiction.

What are AA Meetings Like?
How do addicts learn to recover?

How do addicts learn to recover?

The first thing they will learn is to deal with the stress in the right way. Many people don’t know how to manage stress, so they reach out for the bottle. The next thing is who they spend their free time with. Many addicts admitted they started drinking along with their friends and couldn’t stop afterward. Subsequently, they will need to change their opinion about themselves. Many women pointed out they started drinking because they didn’t have a nice opinion about themselves. Lastly, patients will learn to give more time to their family or friends instead of hanging out with the bottle. In some cases we will also refer our members to a local alcohol rehab facilities in Ohio

The objective of the group to support different opinions and enable an exchange of these to raise the awareness among people who are in the struggle with the addiction.

What Women Say About Us

Dianne Watson

I have had a drinking problem until I came to this group. I have been an alcoholic for five years, and I could not find a way out. This group gave me a whole new life – they taught me how to enjoy life without alcohol. Thank you, guys!

Gina Robertson

At first, I was skeptical as every addict probably was. However, after few meetings, I managed to understand my problem and to see the reason behind the whole addiction. Anna and Roberta did a lot for me, and I want to thank them for being so persistent and not letting me go!

Julie Witcherson

The group is fantastic! I recommend you visit this group if you are struggling with the addiction. I managed to end my 20 years long addiction with the help of these guys who have an enormous amount of patience and knowledge. They offer a lot of social activities besides the standard medical treatment. 10/10!

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