About Us

Our primary mission is to raise awareness about alcohol addiction and its overwhelming power that reaches female gender, forcing it to fall into addiction and loneliness. Over the years of our fight, we succeeded to help many women in their help against the vice that came due to many different reasons. Therefore, we have strong positive feedback from ladies who managed to win in the battle among the life and death. The experience from winners is what makes us tenacious and powerful.

Our conference is open to all women who want to seek help and overcome problems. We want to talk about it with you and suggest what we think is the best for you. To tell you what is best for you, we have Roberta, Anna and many other ladies who fought the problem and got sober once forever. In their fights, they had teams of addiction specialists who coordinated with few other experts, making their addiction problems much more natural. The same group of experts will help you to start a new life and help other people who need help in fighting addiction.